Studio Fabio Biesel is an independent Graphic Design Studio based in Ravensburg, Germany. We create powerful and clever visual concepts and designs. But whether it's corporate design, animation, webdesign or type design – as long as it thrill us – we are interested. Enthusiasm is our motivation.


Fabio Biesel founded the Studio with the goal of executing cool projects in collaboration with freelancers. Whether it is a photographer, a programmer or an illustrator, in the end the project is created by a team together with the customer. Everyone of us enjoys working with people that are as passionate about what they do as we are. We always get to hear that our work is very rich in contrasts. Loud and quiet, playful and serious, handmade and digital. Our goal is always the right balance to be effective.


Studio Fabio Biesel

Charlottenstraße 34

88212 Ravensburg


+49 175 1163 888


Selected Clients

Acne Studios Stockholm · Documenta Kassel · Opus fashion · Leo Burnett · Academy of fine arts Warsaw · Ryan Carl Studios · Sign Design Consulting · Arthelps · Arthelps Studio · Knoblauch GmbH · Totalism Brussels · Org-you · And many more


Studio Fabio Biesel ist ein Design Studio aus Ravensburg, Deutschland. Wir gestalten clevere und wirkungsvolle Gestaltungskonzepte. Ob Corporate Design, Websites oder Bücher, solange unser Gegenüber eine gewisse Begeisterung mitbringt, lassen wir uns super gerne anstecken. Aus Begeisterung ziehen wir unsere Motivation. Wir bekommen immer wieder zu hören, unsere Arbeit sei sehr kontrastreich. Laut und leise, verspielt und ernst, handgemacht und digital. Unser Ziel ist dabei immer eine richtige Balance, um wirkungsvoll zu sein.


Currently we are looking for an intern starting in January or February2022! Please send us your bomb portfolio to hello@studiofabiobiesel.com!


Branding · Corporate Design · Website Design · Animation and Motion · Editorial Design · Type Design · Art Direction · Graphic campaigns · Branding · Workshops

We do our best to inspire our customers, but also the customers of our customers. Enthusiasm is our motivation.